Director's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Learn & Play Childcare website, I hope it is informative and feel free to call us to discuss your family’s specific individual needs.

As the Director of the service, with 30 years of professional experience it is my mission to ensure each and every child in our care enjoys the most positive, happy experience of growth through learning and playing each and every day they share with us.

The children are the centre and focus of our Service. We are passionate about educating and nurturing the children, promoting and expanding their individual abilities, extending their talents and interests.

We hope to make each child’s time with us a joyful, rewarding experience that they and their family will enjoy and remember a positive and solid foundation for their ongoing development.

I am also very proud of the dedicated team we have. Their ability, passion, care, warmth and depth of teaching experience ensures that our curriculum is always interesting, evolving, fun and focused on each child’s individual development needs.

While our Service has a beautiful interior space that is immediately striking, we also put great effort into the safety and security we provide at Learn & Play Childcare Centre. Our “Outdoor” play areas are fully enclosed providing exceptional security and the Children can always enjoy play and exercise activities comfortably whatever the weather.

We cater for children from birth to six years, from the Nursery to entering Primary School.

Our dedicated Preschool Room allows us to manage that important transition to Primary School and ensures each child has knowledge and confidence for a happy commencement to their Primary Schooling.

I’m always happy to talk and listen to feedback from parents, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any issues or simply ask questions. A visit and tour of our Childcare centre is available by appointment and welcomed, so please feel free to call us to make a time for your visit.

I look forward to welcoming your family in joining us at Learn & Play Childcare.

Yours faithfully,

Director & Approved Childcare Provider


The essence of the Learn & Play Childcare Educational Philosophy is contained in our name — Learning through Play & Playing while Learning

At Learn & Play we aim to help children grow into responsible, respectful and kind individuals and to empower them with confidence, knowledge and skills so they may succeed in their journey in an ever-changing world.

Purposeful play is developmentally appropriate and a significant element of our early childhood program which emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

Play is a powerful way of learning for children that allows children to learn, explore ideas, and develop thoughts and concepts as well as the ability to make friends and grow as a person and individual.

Values that support learning through play include:

  • Children are viewed as thinkers, reflecting about their world
  • Purposeful play is when children learn through the process of their efforts
  • Children gain knowledge by building on a path of ever-increasing knowledge
  • Children are encouraged to make choices and practice individual decision-making through a self-guided curriculum.

Learn & Play provides a safe and secure environment for all children so they and their families are enriched with a deep feeling of safety, acceptance and a sense of belonging. We will achieve this by providing children and families with a welcoming, friendly and social environment that is designed to foster children’s learning and development through their wellbeing, intellectual, creative and social progress.

Our service provides an environment that stimulates the children’s curiosity and provides independence through experiences. As well as providing children with enriching, challenging experiences and development through relationships they share with their peers, their environment and their families.

All our children have the right to equal opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, special needs and abilities which is support with positive interactions, a stimulating environment, a variety of resources, opportunities for exploration and the high-quality care provided.

The team at Learn & Play endorse the importance of our Indigenous culture and communication and collaboration between families, educators and the community to form positive relationships and strong partnerships.